Bassoon Concerto (1985)            24’

for bassoon and small orchestra

FP: 18 May 1986 Milwaukee, USA Robert Thompson, Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, composer

“The bassoon is often regarded as grotesque in character, sometimes even earning the nickname of ‘clown of the orchestra’. On the contrary, to me, this instrument has always seemed to possess tremendous untapped dramatic potential. As I was about to start this work, I heard from my native Poland about the torture and murder by the secret police ol the Catholic priest, Father Jerzy Popiełuszko. I immediately decided to compose my concerto as a memorial to his martyrdom.”


8105 Full score

9459 Reduction for bassoon and piano


Cello Concerto (1991)            18’

FP: 24 June 1992 Barbican Hall, London, Mstislav Rostropovich, London Symphony Orchestra, Hugh Wolff

“…both rich and exquisitely delicate in its tonal detail, structured, as is so much of his major symphonic work, under the influence of “the beauty and mystic forces of geometry” and brush-stroked with the humanistic insight which always gives his music its intrinsic emotional reference.”

The European

2fl.2cl—hn—perc(1):SD/TD/BD—strings(maximum:, minumum:

9282 Study score

9274 Reduction for cello and piano


Concertino (1979-80)            15’

for timpani, percussion, and strings

FP: 24 January 1981 Nigel Thomas and Geoffrey Prentice, London Symphony Orchestra, André Previn

The Concertino was commissioned by Shell and the London Symphony Orchestra as a competition piece for young percussionists. It has already become one of Panufnik’s most popular works, a repertoire piece with professional as well as student piayers.

solo perc(2): timp;glsp/xyl/vib/t.bells/3tgl/3susp.cym/large and small conga dr(or SD and small SD)/ large and v.large tom-t (or TD and small BD)—strings

3971 Full score

8090 Reduction for timpani, percussion and piano (4 hands)


Hommage à Chopin (orchestrated 1966)            15’

for flute and small string orchestra

FP: 24 September 1966  Notre Dame de France, London

Douglas Whittaker, English Chamber Orchestra, composer

for original version see Vocal and choral works


Metasinfonia (Symphony No.7) (1978)            25’

for solo organ, timpani, and strings

FP: 9 September 1978   Town Hall, Manchester   Geraint Jones, BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra, composer

3771 Full score


Piano Concerto (1962, rev.1970,1972, ‘Intrada’ 1982)            23’

FP: 25 January 1962  Town Hall, Birmingham  Kendall Taylor,

John Ogdon, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, composer

3(III=picc).2.2.bcl.2.dbn——perc(2):small SD/TD/BD;small tgl/ small cym/tam-t/xyl—strings

8228 Reduction for two pianos


Sinfonia Concertante (Symphony No.4) (1973)            23’

for solo flute, solo harp, and strings (preferably )

FP: 20 May 1974  Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Paul de Winter (flute) and David Watkins (harp), Les Solistes de l’Orchestre de Chambre de Belgique, composer

3986 Full score

3987 Flute and harp parts


Violin Concerto (1971)            26’

for violin and strings (preferably

FP: 18 July 1972  Guildhall, London (City of London Festival)

Yehudi Menuhin, Menuhin Festival Orchestra, composer

3975 Full score

3976 Solo violin part