Piano Trio (1934, reconstructed 1945, rev.1977)            20’

FP: 1935  Warsaw

8241 Score and parts


Quintetto Accadèmico (1953, rev.1956)            7’

for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets and bassoon


Song to the Virgin Mary (1964)             13’

arranged for string sextet (1987)

FP of this version: 21 February 1990

Purcell Room, London   Park Lane String Sextet


for original version see Vocal and choral works


String Quartet No.1 (1976)            20’

FP: 19 0ctober 1976  Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Aeolian Quartet

3997 Study score (with String Quartet No. 2)


String Quartet No.2 ‘Messages’ (1980)            20’

FP: 25 September 1980   St Asaph’s Cathedral, North Wales

The inspiration, and thereby the subtitle, comes from a childhood experience. “When I was 7 or 8 years old, on holiday in the country, my favourite pastime was to put my ear to the wooden telegraph poles and listen to sounds produced by the wires vibrating in the wind. After a while I became convinced that I was listening to real music — which retrospectively I think was my first experience of the creative process.”

“To hear a new string quartet which not only compels instant admiration but also seems perfectly in place between genial masterpieces by two of music’s Titans [Mozart and Beethoven] is rather exceptional.”

The Sunday Times

Music Festival   Gabrieli Quartet

3997 Study score (with String Quartet No. 1)


String Quartet No.3 ‘Wycinanki’ (1990)            11’

FP: 15 April 1991  Barbican Hall, London  Wihan Quartet

“In deference to the Polish folk art of symmetrical paper cuts “Wycinanki’ explores and exploits in each of the five movements, symmetries of melody, dynamics, rhythm and texture.”

Musical Times


String Sextet ‘Trains of Thought’ (1987)             12’

FP: 21 February 1988  Purcell Room, London

Park Lane String Sextet



Triangles (1972)            16’

for three flutes and three cellos

FP: 14 April 1972  BBC 2 Television